Sheep and goat breeders association Rtanj

Our association was formed with the goal of development of sheep and goat breeding, improvement of agricultural potential and general rural growth. Some of our many goals are also organization of educational programs, excursions, professional development, as well as cooperation with schools, universities, other organizations and associations.

Most common types of sheep kept by members of our association are:

Domestic breeds of Krivovirska and Svrljiska sheep

Wurttemberg sheep

Roman sheep

Our production

The members of “Rtanj” sheep and goat breeders association produce high quality sheep and goat offspring for fattening.
Selling of the sheep and goat offspring for fattening is done during the period of the whole year, but especially during moth of may.
Best offspring are bred on vast wild pastures on height of 500 meters above sea level. Meat produced in such healthy and natural way is a special treat for every gourmet, who appreciates quality organic meat above its price. What’s important is to note that the quantities are limited and the demand is high, therefore we are constantly engaged in production with the purpose of being able to satisfy all the potential buyers. Local government has been the biggest support in expanding our production, as well as recruiting new members.

Rtanj members


Sheeps and goats




year of association

Svrljiska and Krivovirska domestic sheep breeds are of premium class in milk production, both in quality and quantity. During the lactation period, from may until august, the sheep spend the most of that time on quality pastures on the slops of Rtanj mountain, Brezovica and Kuchay mountan. Our hardworking members produce high grade cheese from fresh milk. That white, high fat cheese is of best quality and the number of content buyers is always increasing. Once a potential buyer tastes our cheese, they remain our customer always. Cheese that doesn’t lose its quality after thermal treatment, guarantees joy in dish preparation and offers a unique experience being consumed in combination with best wines.


Ability to answer market’s requirements ensures our capability and openness for cooperation, as well as our will to satisfy various needs of all our potential buyers and existing customers.


Address :
Sheep and goat breeders association Rtanj
19370 Boljevac, Valakonje BB

Bane Stojanovic


Phone:+381 60 465 0065